Road Map to Financial Freedom

Dear friends

I’ve completed writing my next book, Panzer’s Road Map to Financial Freedom and am pleased to pre-launch it here for a limited period (until end of June 2009 at the price of SGD 18.95!).

The concise 28 page book provides value that includes:

  • Simplifying your financial life by using Panzer’s 5 step approach to helping you achieve financial freedom
  • Saving you money from using the value-packed Excel worksheet to manage your cash holdings
  • Clarifying your goal of achieving financial freedom
  • Motivating you towards being in control of your finances and your life

On top of the benefits listed above, I’ll be supporting those who invest in Panzer’s Road Map with Six months of email support in terms of questions, queries and tips on how you can develop your own unique strategies towards your own version of financial freedom.

The price of all these is only S$18.95 (less than two movie tickets)!

I guarantee that you will immediately save more than $18.95 if you practice at least one of the techniques in this book.

I look forward to seeing you be equipped with the tools to drive yourself towards your very own financial freedom by buying it now. :-)

Eating Bananas for breakfast

In this time of financial crisis and economic recession, there are still cheap, healthy and tasty foods around. My own breakfast centres around rolled oats plus a banana or two in the mornings. The banana is a good source of potassium as well as dietary fibre.

More importantly, bananas are relatively cheap as you can get a good bunch of Del Monte or Dole brand of bananas for $0.20-$0.30 each (bunch of 5-7). If you buy the malaysian bananas they can be even cheaper.

So consider adding bananas to your diet if you haven't already as part of your money-saving and health-enhancing diet!

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